What does a quality domain name add to your company?
User friendly, easy to remember, search engine friendly

Having a strong domain name will increase the quality of your business.

A good domain name is easy to type. This means shorter is better and hyphens make your domain much weaker

Your domain needs to be easy to remember. Make it pronouncable, or make it related to your business or services.

Studies show a domain matching the search phrase drastically increases your search engine performance.

Make sure you have a better domain name than your competitors. Acquire the domain matching the most used keywords or acquire a better domain extension.

  • User friendly

    Shot domain
    No hyphens

  • Easy to remember

    A name that sticks from the first time a user sees it

  • Search engine friendly

    Matches search keywords

  • Competitive edge

    Don't lose leads by owning a better domain than your competitors

Acquiring a domain

The safe process of acquiring a domain fast and easy
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Through email, phone or auction
Make sure all details are clear:

Who pays transaction fees?

Payment upfront or domain transfer first?
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REceive domain

By domain push or transfer code
A domain push is only possible via the same domain registrar or hosting provider. It is free and immediate

A transfer code is possible for all registrars. It has additional cost and takes up to 5 days
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send payment

Via Paypal or
Paypal is fast, has minimal cost and is widely used. takes longer and has higher transaction fees. The seller only gets paid if buyer has accepted the domain
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Update the seller after all is received
Make sure everything is received and update the seller.

If applicable. Leave a positive rating for the seller, to let others know the seller is trustworthy.

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For any questions about acquiring a domain or domain brokerage